Allen West Says if Black Lives Mattered They’d Protest at Planned Parenthood

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Allen West Says if Black Lives Mattered They’d Protest at Planned Parenthood

Prominent black conservative Lt. Col. Allen West does not believe the Black Lives Matter organization really cares about protecting lives. In a column at the Canada Free Press, West slammed the group for trying to create a “new plantation” of victims who will vote for its extreme socialist/Marxist agenda.

Margaret Sanger: “We Do Not Want Word to Go Out That We Want to Exterminate the Negro Population”

Discrimination runs all the way back to the roots of Planned Parenthood. Today, the nation’s largest abortion chain centers its work around destroying the most vulnerable group of human beings today – babies in the womb.

A Black Man’s Letter to Black Lives Matter

In the aftermath of the George Floyd incident, everyone seems to want to have a conversation about race in America. Just recently, presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, asserted that if you couldn’t decide whether to vote for him or President Trump, “you ain’t black.” “So, let…

Planned Parenthood Exposed

Live Action has conducted nationwide investigations of abortion giant Planned Parenthood since 2007. These investigations have revealed major violations and a shocking contempt for human life at all levels of the organization. Live Action’s latest explosive report shows organization-wide abuses, lawbreaking, and corruption at Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion corporation.