As governments eye reopening, churches banned from singing, Communion: Live COVID-19 updates

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As governments eye reopening, churches banned from singing, Communion: Live COVID-19 updates

LifeSite’s previous (and future) live updates on the coronavirus crisis and how it relates to issues our readers care about can be viewed HERE. Knoxville, Tennessee is allowing people to go to church starting today, but its government guidelines specifically declare , “[t]he physical taking of communion/sacrament should not be performed due to the serial breaking of physical distancing across a congregation.”

California county bans singing in online worship services

MENDOCINO COUNTY, California, April 17, 2020 ( LifeSiteNews) – On Good Friday, a county in the Golden State issued an order to churches banning singing ostensibly to further stem the spread of the coronavirus. Mendocino County, which hugs California’s Pacific Coast about 100 miles north of San Francisco, published a revision of its former “Shelter in Place Orders” which some observers are saying goes too far.

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Live Coronavirus Updates – Latest News

Cuomo outlines New York’s massive contact tracing plan

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo detailed the state’s plan to trace all coronavirus cases during his daily press briefing on Thursday. He said the system aims to trace the whereabouts of everyone who tests positive for the virus, then notify anyone they came in contact with while infected.

A Brave New World?

This blog post falls under the category of a plausible theory and working hypothesis. A couple of weeks ago as I was scratching my head at how the media and our government was handling the threat of the Covid-19 virus, a thought came to me.