Baby Boy Survived Abortion But Died in His Mother’ Arms After Medical Staff Refused Treatment

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Baby Boy Survived Abortion But Died in His Mother’ Arms After Medical Staff Refused Treatment

Her abortion was supposed to be “100% effective.” That’s what doctors told Sofia Khan when she found out her unborn son had spina bifida. “We were heartbroken,” she told the U.K.’s Sun, “but we made the decision to terminate. We felt it was best for the baby, but even so, I had moments of doubt and guilt.”

Aborted Baby Was Born Alive and Died in His Mother’s Arms After Failed Abortion

British authorities heard an awful account this week of a baby who was born alive after a failed late-term abortion and then left to die in his mother’s arms. The Bolton News reports baby Mohammed Rehman Ahmed was born crying on Feb.

Born Crying After Late-Term Abortion, Disabled Baby Boy Dies an Hour Later in His Mother’s Arms

A grieving mother has relived the harrowing moment she went into hospital for an abortion but instead gave birth to a live, crying, baby boy who died in her arms. Doctors diagnosed Sofia Khan’s son with spina bifida during a routine ultrasound scan 20 weeks into the pregnancy.

Aborted baby died in his mother’s arms

A MOTHER who went into hospital for a termination ended up giving birth to the baby who died in her arms. Despite making the tough decision to terminate her pregnancy late on, because of congenital birth defects, Sofia Khan gave birth to a live, crying, baby boy.

Stop Infanticide! Stop Abortions Up to Birth!

Target: Congress and State Legislatures Region: United States of America Website: Abortion activists across the country are undertaking a radical campaign to legalize abortions up to birth and infanticide. New York has already passed such a law and other states like Virginia, New Mexico, Vermont, Maryland, and Massachusetts are right behind.