Catholic Archbishop Blasts Abortion: “We Must Bring an End to the Culture of Death”

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Catholic Archbishop Blasts Abortion: “We Must Bring an End to the Culture of Death”

Kansas Archbishop Joseph Naumann urged Catholics to “bring an end to the culture of death” this week as many debate the morality of new COVID-19 vaccines that have connections to aborted babies. Naumann, who leads the U.S.

Vatican Says Coronavirus Vaccines “Morally Acceptable” Even if Made Using Cells From Aborted Babies

The new vaccines for the coronavirus are “morally acceptable” even if they were developed with cells from aborted babies, the Vatican said Monday in a new document. The statement comes amid a growing controversy among Christians and pro-lifers about the new COVID-19 vaccines because all of the currently available ones have connections – some remote, some more directly – to aborted babies.

Update: COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates and Abortion-Derived Cell Lines

Accurate information about the development and production of COVID-19 vaccines is essential, especially because many proposed candidates use newer molecular technologies for production of a viral vaccine. One concern regarding the ethical assessment of viral vaccine candidates is the potential use of abortion-derived cell lines in the development, production or testing of a vaccine.

Trump Admin Funding Pro-Life Alternatives to Using Aborted Baby Parts for Research

The Trump administration issued a plan Monday to promote ethical alternatives to aborted baby body parts in scientific research. The grants, under the National Institute of Health, will provide $20 million to develop alternatives to “human fetal tissue obtained from elective abortions,” according to the notice published Monday by the U.S.