Child’s Development from Fertilization to Birth:

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Child’s development from fertilization to birth

LIFE begins at the moment of fertilization – it’s a fact of science! Pass this along to share the humanity of the preborn.

12 amazing facts that prove the preborn’s humanity in the first trimester

With today’s modern technology and medical information, we have a real-time window into the womb. What happens to babies before birth – all the ways they move, grow, and change – is nothing short of amazing. The first trimester is full of developments that many pregnant mothers may not be aware of.

Fertilization – Baby’s sex is determined, unique DNA is created

22 Days – Heartbeat begins <3

Weeks 4 and 5 – Eyes, lungs, and kidneys form

Weeks 8 and 9  – Baby sucks her thumb

Weeks 9 and 10 – Fingerprints develop

Week 10 – Fingernails form

Week 12 – Reflexes develop, nerves are developing

Week 16 – Heart pumps 25 quarts of blood each day

Week 20 – The baby can feel pain

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