CPAC 2021: Conservatives must embrace Christ, not LGBT

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CPAC 2021: Conservatives must embrace Christ, not LGBT

CPAC 2021: Conservatives must embrace Christ, not LGBT

March 5, 2021 ( LifeSiteNews) – I attended my first CPAC this year. I’m grateful to have gone and to have met the people I did. I hope the many interviews I conducted, despite making some verbal gaffes, were enlightening to those who viewed them. Click here to watch them all on LifeSite’s Rumble account.


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Abby Johnson calls out CPAC for being complicit with the LGBT lobby

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, February 27, 2021 ( LifeSiteNews) – A spirited discussion during a breakout session at CPAC today brought out into the open what many religious Americans have been saying the past several years, namely, that the conservative movement is compromising on social issues in order to win over gay and pro-LGBT voters.

Stars of new ‘Roe v. Wade’ film tell LifeSite why they are pro-life

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, March 3, 2021 ( LifeSiteNews) – Actors and others associated with the brand new film walked the red carpet at CPAC this past weekend. The movie, which will be released in April, made its world premiere last Friday after spending several years in production.