Light of the Gospel and the Denial of Its Power

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The Light of the Gospel and the Denial of its Power

On Jesus, who came to destroy the works of darkness; on being the Light of the World; on the faithlessness of incrementalism, and addressing individual and national sin. From the Project Nineveh conference in Houston, Texas, November 2015.

Light Up the Darkness

One of the primary difficulties in raising awareness about the atrocity of abortion in our culture is the fact that most people are simply too concerned with their own personal peace and comfort to make discussion of abortion part of their daily life.

The AHA Symbol

In this video, abolitionist Russell Hunter explains what the AHA Symbol means, why we use it, why it looks the way that it does, and why we put it on everything. We’re not the first Abolitionists to use a symbol, but we hope that we are the last.