New Florida Law Protects Babies From Infanticide, But Planned Parenthood Opposed It

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New Florida Law Protects Babies From Infanticide, But Planned Parenthood Opposed It

Florida lawmakers added new protections for babies who survive abortions this week as growing evidence indicates that viable babies are born alive in botched abortions every year in the U.S. Tampa Bay News 10 reports Florida already has a law in place that requires abortionists and support staff to provide medical care to a baby who is born alive from a botched abortion and transport the baby to a hospital.

Planned Parenthood Trashes David Daleiden After He Exposed It Again for Selling Aborted Baby Parts

Pro-life activist David Daleiden and Planned Parenthood traded blows Wednesday over newly-released videos showing Planned Parenthood employees testifying in court about the sale of fetal organs. Fox News reported Tuesday that it had obtained footage from sworn depositions of Planned Parenthood staff in their lawsuit against Center for Medical Progress in which Daleiden’s attorneys questioned Planned Parenthood about their use of different techniques in abortions to preserve fetal tissue.

Stop Infanticide! Stop Abortions Up to Birth!

Target: Congress and State Legislatures Region: United States of America Website: Abortion activists across the country are undertaking a radical campaign to legalize abortions up to birth and infanticide. New York has already passed such a law and other states like Virginia, New Mexico, Vermont, Maryland, and Massachusetts are right behind.