She Refused to Kill Her Baby in an Abortion Just Because Her Baby Was Disabled

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She Refused to Kill Her Baby in an Abortion Just Because Her Baby Was Disabled

Kirsten Hasler understands the agony of a poor prenatal diagnosis. Hearing that an unborn baby may be unhealthy or, worse, dying is devastating to any parent. But an unborn baby’s poor health is not a justification for abortion, Hasler wrote in a column at The Federalist this week.

An Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis Did Not Justify Aborting My Son

I understand the fear of receiving a terrifying diagnosis while pregnant, because it happened to me. As a parent, especially a mother, I wanted nothing more than to grow a “perfect” child. I selfishly desired to have him develop inside me and be delivered without any abnormalities.

Justice Clarence Thomas Slams Eugenic Abortions: “Abortion is Rife With Potential for Eugenic Manipulation”

Justice Clarence Thomas issued a concurring opinion today in a case dealing with a pro-life law out of Indiana that bans abortions in cases of eugenics. While the Supreme Court declined to hear the case, Thomas was outspoken with his concerns about the eugenic applications for abortion – that abortions would kill babies with Down Syndrome or a certain sex or race that parents may not want.

Cruel Pro-Abortion Trolls Call This Disabled Baby a “Monster”

Naffi and Racheli Goldman spend every hour of their days caring for their severely disabled daughter. But they sacrifice joyfully, realizing that Batya’s life is a precious miracle. Not everyone shares their views, however. Somerset Live reports the family has been targeted by cruel internet trolls who call Batya a monster and tell her parents that she is better off dead.

Doctors Pressure Parents of Babies With Down Syndrome to Abort: “Your Window for Termination is Closing”

Andrew and Kathleen Simpkins were told their unborn daughter had Down Syndrome, the Australia Daily Mail reported yesterday. Instead of receiving support or information on Down Syndrome, the couple said the “worst case scenarios” about their child’s future was conveyed.