World Premiere: #BAMH2

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World Premiere: #BAMH2 (Popular Documentary)

Watch and share the world premiere of the long-anticipated film and documentary that will be used to open eyes and hearts to the truth. This film is important and will expose some very important secrets of a popular industry. You can be a part of change in the future.

Babies Are Murdered Here | #BAMH

Babies Are Murdered Here, is the new controversial pro-life documentary that examines the truth about abortion and the single biggest failure of the pro-life movement, not calling abortion what it really is…Murder. Support solid Christian films: Share this important film with all of your friends on social media using the #bamh hashtag.

Take Action – End Abortion Now

Take Action Whether you have hours or just a few moments, you are needed to speak up for your preborn neighbors! United, we are a powerful force, under Christ, bringing the evil of abortion underneath his feet using his message by the power of His Spirit.